Nine Yards. You don’t just give your company a name like that. But, we did. The reason? When it comes to consultancy services for business, marketing and communications, Nine Yards does indeed go the whole nine yards. In other words, we go above and beyond, giving our all.
Always one step further
You have come to the right place at Nine Yards for strategic advice and practical solutions. We will gladly assist you with anything from devising strategic plans, to planning and completing projects. Examples include strategic business plans and marketing and communications plans, but also brand management, corporate identity and interim management.

Nine Yards gives advice on developing strategic plans and it translates these plans into practical marketing and communications activities, thus providing a clear and concise contribution to your company’s objectives. And always based on the Nine Yards philosophy: if we take on the job, we go all the way – the whole nine yards, and then some if necessary.

Steven de Haseth
The driving force behind Nine Yards is Steven de Haseth, who founded the company in 2008. With a background in business administration obtained from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, he learned the consultancy business at KPMG. His passion for sports formed the basis for his move to sports marketing agency Pro Sport, where he served as an advisor for the Dutch Premiere Football (soccer) League and soccer club PSV. At Nutricia he worked on the client side and was responsible for the brand repositioning of the Extran sports drink. His biggest challenge was the repositioning of soccer club ADO Den Haag, where he, as the Senior VP Sales & Marketing, was instrumental in rousing The Hague’s sleeping giant.
From high level strategy to practical actions plans