ROC MONDRIAAN: 1 + 1 = 3

Education and training are undergoing many changes. The developments in the health and welfare sector are moving forward as well. Custom made solutions are more important now than ever before. As an educator in the health and welfare sector, ROC Mondriaan Community College is faced with an unprecedented challenge.
Intensive collaborative efforts are crucial for seamlessly matching supply and demand. To this end, ROC Mondriaan has developed a progressive educational concept. The community college will partner with employers to train future employees in a unique corporate college. The purpose is to create a win-win situation for everyone involved: (1) employers, (2) future employees and (3) ROC Mondriaan.

Employers responded enthusiastically to the concept but demanded prior clarification of the (financial) ramifications of the custom made solutions for each situation. Nine Yards was given the task of developing a tool for this purpose.

We first mapped out all the business elements for the training courses.
Then, we identified the (possible) financial components for each element. This information was used to create a format for a business case, which takes possible additional costs as well as potential savings into account. The format includes all elements that can play a role in a partnership. Once the information has been entered, the financial data can be calculated quickly.
ROC Mondriaan: 1 + 1 = 3
Account managers at ROC Mondriaan often use the format developed by Nine Yards to precalculate the financial effects of a partnership. Meanwhile, the first corporate college partnerships have been established based in part on the business cases.