We sometimes think that childcare is a present-day phenomenon. Nevertheless, Triodus, a childcare organization in The Hague, has been providing childcare for more than 100 years. The organization has more than 60 locations in The Hague and more than 1,000 employees. Due to the dissatisfaction about the developments in childcare, it started creating its own, innovative pedagogical methods in 2007. This vision boils down to a shift from classic childcare to education and development for children. Childcare at Triodus has a clear, pedagogical component. Therefore, the organization must communicate a different profile to parents, employees and other stakeholders.
Nine Yards was requested to develop this brand identity and to incorporate it into a broad marketing communications strategy. The objective was to bring Triodus and the Triodus pedagogical methods to life for everyone concerned.

We worked with Morph marketing research agency to identify how the stakeholders currently perceive Triodus. We conducted a quantitative and qualitative study for this purpose, both internally and externally. Based on the results, a branding strategy was created emphasizing the brand themes: ‘authority in the market’ and ‘genuinely involved in childhood development.’

The next step was to strategize and evangelize the brand internally. An inspiring program took them on a journey, so to speak, toward the new approach. Externally, Nine Yards helped to develop a new corporate identity and website.

Nine Yards was involved in supporting the internal and external communications over a prolonged period on an interim basis. It ensured that the message being communicated externally, could also be lived up to internally.
The 100 year old Triodus is striking out in a new direction
Upon launching the new corporate identity, website and other means of communication, the outside world was introduced to the (added value) of the new Triodus. It has all the ingredients to secure a unique market position.