Aad Mansveld. Lex Schoenmaker. Martin Jol. Dick Advocaat. ADO Den Haag soccer club has a glorious past with many unforgettable players. A new stadium at the Prince Claus highway interchange provides the opportunity to resurrect those times. This incorporates two crucial elements: generating additional income and building a strong brand name.
Nine Yards werd gevraagd om een A-merk als naming rights partner voor het nieuwe stadion vast te leggen. Bij voorkeur zou dat een internationaal merk moeten zijn dat sterk genoeg was om andere A-merken te interesseren in een samenwerking.

We worked with Sport+Markt AG, the German research firm that also conducted the assessment of the Emirates Stadium in London and the Allianz Arena in Munich to gauge how much value a sponsor would ascribe to having the naming rights to a stadium at this location. The value was calculated in part based on the fact that each year 160 million people will see the stadium as they drive by and more than 180 million viewers will come across the stadium name on TV.

Nine Yards also developed individual propositions, which highlighted the added value of the stadium for each prospect. Therefore, each potential partner could be approached with a tailor made package geared specifically toward that particular partner.
Name and fame for ADO Den Haag
All these efforts resulted in the Japanese multinational Kyocera purchasing the naming rights to the stadium. Not only did the deal provide ADO Den Haag with the required financial resources, it also ensured the desired international image needed to seek out new partnerships.

Coincidental or not, soon thereafter, ADO Den Haag made its return on the European soccer stage for the first time in 24 years...